7 Beautiful Examples of Wedding Vows for Her

wedding vows for her

Writing your own wedding vows can be a daunting task, especially if you want to express your love and commitment in a unique and personal way. You want to make your groom feel special, but you also don’t want to sound cheesy or cliché. So you’ve searched for the best wedding vows for her and that has led you here.

But how do you find the right words to say “I do” in front of your family and friends?

If you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll show you examples of amazing wedding vows I’ve filmed at different weddings. You’ll see how these brides have crafted their vows to reflect their personalities, their stories, and their hopes for the future. You’ll also learn some tips and tricks on how to write your own wedding vows for her that will make your groom swoon.

Whether you want to be romantic, funny, heartfelt, or anything in between, there’s no right or wrong way to write your wedding vows. The most important thing is to be yourself and speak from the heart. After all, your wedding vows are not just words, they are promises that you make to your partner for life.

So, are you ready to get started? Let’s take a look at some of the wedding vows for her that I’ve captured on camera.

Personal Wedding Vows for Her

Customizing your wedding vows can create a more intimate and meaningful experience. Tailoring the words to reflect your unique love story and shared values allows you to create a personal connection with your partner and your guests.

Christine (in the video above) shares words of gratitude and love for her husband Jonny.

“You are the love of my life. Being with you feels like home and I can’t imagine being without you. I feel so lucky to have met you and so grateful that we made the choice to hold on to what we found.”

“When we met I knew immediately you were the one for me and within a few weeks hope that today would come. You’re an incredible person. You are loyal and generous to those close to you but will also go out of your way to help a stranger. I’m inspired by how driven you are and how you just get things done.”

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How can I make my wedding vows unique?

One possible way to make your wedding vows unique is to use your voice and style to express your feelings and promises to your partner. You can draw inspiration from your personal stories, shared memories, favorite quotes, songs, poems, or anything else that reflects your relationship.

You can also add some humor, creativity, or originality to your vows, as long as they are sincere and respectful. The most important thing is to be yourself and speak from your heart.

Katelyn’s wedding vows to Shane were certainly unique as she used their mutual love of sci-fi and Marvel movies to help inspire her.

Venue: Austinvilla Estate

Need a professional to help you with your vows?

Wedding vows are some of the most sacred words shared between two people, so it only makes sense that this can cause stress and worry when you don’t know where to start.

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Finding the Write Words

What are Some Fun and Simple Wedding Vows for Her?

As a pro athlete who has excelled in the decathlon, Dan was the target of some playful teasing from Stephanie in her wedding vows. These marriage vows are a great example of keeping things lighthearted and fun while still acknowledging the importance of the moment.

“Slowly but surely I fell head over heels in love with you you have become my best friend the love of my life and today my husband didn’t think I was going to cry we have been through more than anyone can imagine together but with every hurdle life throws at us we jump over it and get stronger don’t get me wrong uh We’ve hit a few along the way but our technique is improving.”

Examples of Adorably Romantic Wedding Vows for Her

Romance and love go hand in hand, and expressing your deepest emotions through wedding vows can be a truly magical experience. Romantic vows evoke powerful feelings and make your special day even more enchanting.

Have a listen to Tyneale’s words to Daniel above.

“Whatever our souls are made of I’m certain yours and mine are the same. Daniel, you are kind, selfless, and patient. You have shown up for me again and again without question. I want you to know I consider it to be my greatest privilege to be marrying you.”

“Today I vow to love you, admire, and appreciate you. I promise to make our marriage a priority. To empower one another. To always dream higher and to build a home that is a place of refuge for us and our family. I promise to protect and defend you and be your biggest cheerleader in this life.”

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Heartfelt and Sentimental Wedding Vows for Her

The power of heartfelt vows lies in their ability to touch the deepest emotions of your partner and those witnessing your union. These vows come from the soul and they can leave a lasting impact on all who hear them.

Kate had some of the best wedding vows to her husband James as she brilliantly mixed a romantic touch with some personal humor pulled from their journey together.

“James a while ago you gifted me your favourite book Shantron which quickly also became a favourite of mine. In the book, there’s a passage that describes a destined love. A karmic connection between souls that are fated to meet and collide and enrapture one another. With every part of my being, I resonate with this as a description of us and our love.”

“During our relationship, you’ve taught me how to enjoy being present in the moment though I still need a little reminder sometimes when I’m obsessively trying to make plans. You have shown me that I don’t need to be such a stickler for the rules and that so many amazing opportunities in life are available and possible if you just simply try or ask.”

Here are a few of the highlights of Kate’s vows to her husband Troy.

“Troy when I first met you the real first meeting I was of course struck by your boyish charms and good looks. I mean come on look at him! But during this first encounter what really won me over was your ability to make me laugh and your remarkable comedic timing.”

“As our relationship developed I learned that you were so much more than just a good-looking funny guy. I’ve had the pleasure of being able to discover all of your beautiful nuances and perfect imperfections and this has only served to deepen and enrich my love for you.”

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FAQs about Wedding Vows for Her

When writing wedding vows, remember to reflect on your journey, speak authentically from the heart, and keep them concise, around 1-2 minutes. Express your deep love and commitment, use specific examples, and include future promises.

Humour can be great if fitting, and practice helps with a confident delivery. Consider your audience, coordinate with your partner, and be prepared. Ultimately, sincerity is what truly matters in making your vows heartfelt and memorable.

To write unique wedding vows, reflect on your journey as a couple, express genuine feelings, share specific examples, make meaningful promises for the future, and infuse your personal style and humour if appropriate.

  1. “With you, my heart is home, and I can’t wait to begin this beautiful journey as your partner for life.”
  2. “So, with these promises and all my love, I eagerly take your hand and step into our shared forever.”
  3. “Here’s to writing the pages of our story together, with each chapter filled with love, laughter, and endless joy.”
  4. “As I look into your eyes and say these words, I’m excited for every moment that awaits us, from this day forward.”
  5. “With you, I’ve found my soul’s true companion, and I’m honoured to spend the rest of my days by your side.”
  6. “In your love, I’ve found my purpose, my home, and my heart’s deepest desire. I can’t wait for our forever to begin.”
  7. “So, as we stand here today, hand in hand, I promise to cherish, support, and love you for all the days of my life.”

Traditionally, during a wedding ceremony, the groom often reads his vows first, followed by the bride. However, modern couples have the flexibility to decide the order that best suits them. Some couples even choose to read their vows simultaneously or combine them into a single statement.

Stuck on writing your wedding vows? Let an experienced writer relieve your stress and help you create heartfelt, personalized wedding vows that will make your special day truly unforgettable.

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