Unplugged Weddings – A Bride’s View

“I never heard of an unplugged wedding before. I wish someone had told me. This is a reminder for all brides and wedding guests to please make sure you put your phones down. You are not getting a better picture than the photographer or videographer and no you do not have a better camera. That picture ruined my professional picture and my groom’s view. Chris barely was able to see me walk down the aisle. We intentionally did not see each other before the wedding because we wanted this moment to be so special. Please be mindful and stay out of the way of the wedding and the photographers pictures!!”

Unplugged Weddings

“It’s hard to put into words how I feel about this picture without hurting anyone’s feelings. This is a moment my husband and I can never get back. I will never understand why anyone would ever stand in front of a groom as his bride is walking down the aisle. I know my family did not mean to hurt me or do this intentionally however I can never go back in time and capture this precious moment.”

“To all future brides please have an unplugged wedding ceremony for me!!” – Diana Shields

Photo by Thomas Stewart

Guests can be so busy trying to get a photo with their phone they can make it difficult for the bride and groom to even see each other

“I had no idea my guests taking pics with their phones was even going to be an issue. My husband and I even created a hashtag for our wedding so we could see all the photos our guests captured and thought it would be fun going through them all later. I thought the more the merrier.”

“Walking into the church and seeing Dan was something I had thought of a million times before and I was so excited when the music started playing. When the doors finally opened I was quite surprised to see many of my friends hanging in the aisle with their phones.”
“Even though I was smiling through it all I can remember thinking this was not how I had pictured this moment would be. The worst thing was I couldn’t see Dan or my grandmother who traveled all the way from Ireland! Luckily our photographer and videographer were able to capture their reactions but of course I couldn’t see them until I reached the front of the chapel.”

“The next day I woke up to a thousand notifications on Facebook from being tagged in all the photos taken by everyone with the comments that followed. The pics of me walking up the aisle were not very flattering (I’m super critical of myself in photos) and half of them my eyes are closed from the flashes. These were the first photos of my wedding that everyone got to see.”

unplugged ceremony

“Of course I would have done things differently if I had the chance to. Looking back I would have at least had an unplugged ceremony and let our guests take as many photos as they wanted to at the reception. My suggestion to any ladies getting married is to at least read up on having an unplugged wedding and seeing if it’s something you should consider. I know my experience would have been so much better if I had.”

Kate (married on the Gold Coast in 2016)

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