Race to the Altar: A Beautiful Brisbane Racing Club Wedding Video

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Laura and Bede are a fun-loving couple who celebrated their love with a beautiful wedding at the Brisbane Racing Club. I was thrilled to be their videographer and capture their special moments on film.

Their wedding was full of joy, laughter, and love, and you can see it all in their wedding highlight film below. You can also watch their traditional bridal waltz, which is a romantic and elegant dance. And don’t miss the stunning photos from their big day, which show off their gorgeous outfits, venue, and decorations.

Laura was kind enough to share some insights into her wedding planning process, as well as some tips and advice for future couples. Read on to find out more about her experience and how she made her wedding day unforgettable.

Planning the Wedding

“The planning of the wedding was predominantly done by me. Bede travels a lot for work so he wasn’t always around to do viewings but it was still important that Bede still had a say in the final decision. Usually, I would find things I liked, show Bede to get his opinion which then went along the lines of ‘whichever you prefer!’ and then I would choose from there.

“Bede did all the planning for the honeymoon though which was amazing! My friends and my mum were my soundboards for a lot of different ideas for me! I also decided early on that I wanted the wedding day to be a relaxed event for everyone, so I made sure that the vendors I was choosing had everything covered so family and friends didn’t have to run around on the wedding day for us.”

Bride gets in her wedding dress

“For about a year, all I was focusing on was budget and spreadsheets and samples and quotes. It was quite overwhelming! I did enjoy the process of finding my dress and ordering samples, there were endless possibilities so it was fun to imagine different themes and styles.”

“It was especially fun trying lots of different dress styles (who doesn’t love playing dress-ups!) but one of the reasons I ended up choosing my dress was because I was so impressed with their process and how I was involved all the way along with fittings and alterations. Bertossi Brides at Paddington have exceptional service.”

“I think I learned that I probably micromanage a little bit too much!! Our MC mentioned that I had sent him an eight-page document outlining all the suppliers and contact details plus had an outline of the few days beforehand and what needed to be done specifically on those days! I definitely felt like I needed to cover all bases and prepare for unexpected circumstances so nothing would be a problem on the wedding day.”

How Did you Choose your Wedding vendors?

“I found making the decision to choose vendors and then nutting out the fine details with them quite stressful. It’s very hard for me to visualize how things will come together so I was stressing about various elements and details and if it would create the day that I was imagining in my head. I was stressed about locking something in that I would regret later on. I’m generally not a good decision maker so I had to bite the bullet and put my faith in the vendors.”

The bride and her bridesmaids before the wedding ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony at St Patrick’s Catholic Church

How did you find your photographer?

“We chose Nick Evans Photography after a couple of friends of mine had used him and their photographs were beautiful. Nick also has a magical way of capturing all the little and big moments perfectly while making the most of the light available and the surroundings. We met up for coffee one weekend (in between the three weddings he was shooting!) and he instantly put us at ease and talked us through a lot of different aspects of the day. It was a really easy choice in the end!”

What Are Your thoughts on Wedding videography?

“Originally I wasn’t sure if we were going to have a wedding videographer. When the budget was coming together and then the costs were rising it was another aspect that I wasn’t sure if it was necessary or not. It wasn’t until I saw my best friend Amanda’s wedding film by Motion Art that I was sold.”

“I was involved in their wedding so I was there experiencing it all, but then to see how you captured it as a film was amazing. I told Bede we need to make this happen and I’m prepared to sacrifice other things to have Geoff and his team! I don’t know what I would have done if Motion Art wasn’t available, but we were so happy they were!”

“I’m a big believer in using recommendations from other people. I think if someone has had a fantastic experience or received a wonderful product then that says a lot more than a fancy website. I was lucky enough to have one of my best friends be married six months before us so she had lots of suppliers to recommend. Motion Art being one of them!”

Laura and Bede’s Wedding Highlight Film

Brisbane Racing Club Wedding Reception

“Bede and I had been to a wedding at Brisbane Racing Club a few years earlier and we both fell in love with the Tote Room. I personally loved the history of the building, the red bricks, and the wooden floors. We went and looked at various other venues, but nothing gave us the same feeling that this room did. In the end, we couldn’t go past it.”

“Jacqueline was our wedding coordinator and she was fantastic to work with. I think she answered a million and one questions over the course of the planning stage and she was so helpful and honest when it came to deciding the little details. We were able to go and visit the room and map out where everything would go. They were also really accommodating with all our vendors coming and dropping items off at various times of the day.”

“When Bede and I saw the room all done up on our day it took our breath away. With the one long table, the amazing green table garland, and festoon lights, it was just magical. It was better than what we could have imagined. All our guests commented on the amazing food and how beautiful the room was.”

The Tote Reception Room at Brisbane Racing Club
Vanilla Pod wedding cake
brisbane racing club wedding

A Traditional Bridal Waltz

“I knew my parents had danced to Moon River at their wedding and I just love the timelessness of the song. It has a really old-fashioned sound and I love the lyrics. I have always wanted to waltz at the wedding and I felt that paid homage to my parent’s marriage that has lasted for almost 35 years.”

“Bede and I did a couple of dance lessons and then practiced a few times in a living room. It wasn’t a perfect waltz but to me, it was a perfect dance.”

Thoughts looking back on your wedding day?

“The wedding day is so big and it is so easy to forget some things. I knew I had loved Bede’s speech on the day, but I had forgotten some of the nice things he had said so hearing them again was wonderful. I also loved how we were able to watch the expressions of the people whom the speakers were referring to in the speeches.”

“There were also little moments where people squeezed one another’s hands or shared a quick smile and not just Bede and I, but all the guests too. Motion Art captured all the little moments perfectly. I can’t put into words how much I love watching it. I’ve probably watched the highlight film a thousand times and it makes me tear up every time!”

“There is no way I could imagine not having these films now. Although it was not high up on our list of ‘must haves’ originally, it is one of the few elements that last long after the day has finished. It is also a really special thing to have to be able to send to family and friends who weren’t able to make the day.”

“I also like to imagine that one day our future kids will want to see the film too, and we will have an amazing production to show them. I’m so glad that we made the decision to use Motion Art as they were fantastic to work with.”

“For anyone thinking about hiring a wedding videographer please do it!! You will absolutely regret not having those moments on film. I know I would have had major regrets if I didn’t have this film. It might seem like a big investment when all the bills are piling in, but you will have these videos forever allowing you to relive your magical day over and over again! Motion Art has given us a priceless video and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Wedding Reception: Brisbane Racing Club

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