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Kaitlyn and Dan Links Hope Island Wedding

“We chose Motion Art after looking through a lot of wedding highlight videos online and doing a lot of research! The Links Hope Island as well as Rezolution Photography recommended Motion Art to us and we just fell in love with their work. It took me a bit of convincing to talk Dan around to it as he thought it would feel awkward being in front of the camera all day, but on the day neither of us barely even knew they were there. Dan was the first to watch our highlight video and he said the memories and feelings he felt on the day came alive again. He was so impressed with how much Motion Art was able to capture and how it was all put together. Just like we were in a romantic movie of our own and I couldn’t agree with him more! Everyone who watched it had tears in their eyes. It was just so beautiful!”

“To anyone who is getting married, even if you have to make sacrifices somewhere else, don’t skimp out on your photography and videography because when it’s all over, that is something you will have for a lifetime that you can show your children and grandchildren one day.”

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Kassi & Josh Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Resort Wedding

“For years now we have been watching the work of Motion Art and knew that there was no one else we wanted to film our special day. Geoff and his team are professional, easy to deal with and extremely talented. From the moment he arrived on the day he got to work to ensure every little detail was captured. We were lucky enough to have three shooters as well as a helicam team to capture every angle. The way that Motion Art can capture emotions and piece together each part of the wedding day in to a video is absolutely impeccable. Geoff you have captured exactly what it felt like to be there on the day. You truly are amazing!!! No words can thank you enough!”

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Bella & Luke Lindenderry at Red Hill Mornington Peninsula

“What can we say? I don’t think there are any words that can describe just how grateful we are for what you have given us. After meeting you and spending hours watching your video highlights we knew that you were going to produce something amazing. However, all of our expectations were exceeded and what you have created is beyond anything we ever imagined.”

“The way you captured our day is truly magical and we will cherish it for the rest of our lives. You really are a necessity for anyone getting married and we cannot recommend you highly enough. Not only have you given us this wonderful gift but you also made our day so relaxing and easy. You truly have an amazing talent and we are both so thankful for everything that you’ve done for us.”

“So once again, from the bottom of heart, thank you so much.”

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Bethany Hamilton & Adam Dirks Fairytale Wedding in Kauai

“Our wedding was beautiful. I’m now married to the love of my life. There are no words to fully describe what went on in my heart on our wedding day. I was and I am full of joy, thankfulness and excitement to share life with my husband Adam. Our “big day” was the best day of my life so far and everyday since has been pretty awesome as well! Having our loved ones and a ton of our great friends made it incredibly special. It was above anything I had dreamed of!”

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Nicola & Simon Sirromet Winery

“Last night my husband and I viewed our wedding video highlight for the first time and OH MY GOD was it incredible.  We cried over and over and so did my family when we immediately drove over to show them the video.  It really allows you to relive the moments in your day that quickly become a blur.  The emotion captured was honestly priceless and it was the best money we have ever spent, and by far the most important supplier on our wedding day. So thank you to Motion Art for creating this masterpiece of our wedding day and for allowing us to relive it for the rest of our lives!”

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Tegan & Mark Parkwood International

“Our wedding ceremony and reception was held at Parkwood International on the Gold Coast and the pavilion looked amazing. Looking back we cannot believe how incredibly lucky we were to have such a beautiful sunny day. All the stress, planning, and anticipation leading up to the wedding was finally over and it was time for to enjoy the day and take it all in. It was such an emotional and overwhelming day for not only us but all our family and friends. It is such a great feeling to know that it was all captured on video for us to watch for many years to come.”

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Deanne & Byron Quat Quatta Melbourne

“I know it probably sounds cliche, but our wedding day was the best day of our lives. All the months of hard work, planning, happiness and sometimes tears built up to this one magical, perfect day and moment. Everything was amazing – the weather, the cars, the flowers and the venue. But out of all the many many suppliers and transactions that are required for an event such as this our most valued one by far was Motion Art for our wedding video.”

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Melissa & Adam All Smiles Sorrento Ocean Beach

“The day Adam and I set our wedding date was the day we got in contact with Motion Art to make sure they were available. If they were booked we would’ve changed dates. Without a doubt. 3 years ago my twin sister had Geoff film her wedding and after meeting him (and watching every single highlight clip he’s ever posted numerous times) there was no way we would’ve wanted anyone else to film our day.”

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Sarah & Peter Intercontinental Fiji

“Originally we were going to try and save some money and not have a videographer, but heaps of past friends said it was the one thing they would strongly recommend getting and told me I would regret it if I didn’t. So we made the decision to get a videographer and started looking around.”

“I tried looking at local Fiji videographers but none of their work looked amazing, so I started a local search in the hope that they would agree to travel. I came across Motion Art and was hooked. I spent hours watching all the videos online and I think I watched Bethany Hamilton’s about five times! The videos Motion Art made were just so beautiful and I knew I wanted them to capture our day. I was so happy when Geoff agreed to travel to Fiji to film our wedding day as once I had seen his work, nobody else I looked at even came close.”

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Sara & Chris One & Only Hayman Island Wedding

“After much research Motion Art set the standard of cinematography of what we hoped would capture our most special day. We met with Geoff prior to the wedding day and we knew he would be perfect for the job! On the day, Geoff, and his team were wonderful. They have a very natural and relaxed manner which meant we could just enjoy the moment…. And we did!!”

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